Injustice: Gods Among Us Review

Injustice: Gods Among Us Review

Ok, first up, you will notice it has been a little quite on JustTheGeek over the last 2 days. That is because me and MiniGeek got our hands on the new DC game Injustice: Gods Among Us and the rest of the world kinda faded into obscurity.

So you want to know what it is like? You want to know the feeling when a 10 year old beats me to clock the game mode?

So to put it in context, we got the game on saturday as a present for MiniGeek and he did the tutorials on saturday ready to kick into the game on Sunday (which also resulted in a lack on sleep on Saturday night as MiniGeek was waaay too excited).

Sunday came and the game obsessed 10 year old started his Injustice journey. Lunch came by and I had to remind him to have lunch (now that’s focus) and while he ate lunch is was my turn to play.

We played on and off for the rest of the day and sadly, MiniGeek kicked my ass and clocked the normal game play mode (yes, in less than a day), while i am still going.

So what was it like?… the words of MiniGeek “AWESOME!!”

Some great game play, awesome fight combos and some really cool special moves (we can’t decide if our favourite is Harley Quinn’s special move or Aquaman feeding his victims to a shark lol).

Some of the story and videos scenes are a little lacking, but easily forgiven as the game is so much fun.

I give it 8.5/10 and MiniGeek gives it 9/10 (not many games get higher than that).

So now MiniGeek is heading into the Star labs missions while i still struggle to clock the normal mode 🙂