New Doctor Announced!

New Doctor Announced!

Now this is interesting!

BBC One have announced the actor to play the Doctor after Matt Smith leaves the show later this year.

And the Doctor is……..Scottish actor Peter Capaldi.

BBC One made the announcement in a 30 minute special called Doctor Who Live: The Next Doctor which aired on both BBC One in the UK and BBC America in the US

The New doctor is a new direction for the show. instead of sticking with the younger Doctor they have gone with a 55 year old actor who is best know for being Malcolm Tucker a potty mouthed political spindoctor in the comedy series “The Thick of it” (as well as reprising the role in the feature film “In the Loop”).

Peter also directed an Oscar winning short film entitled “Frank Kafka’s It’s a Wonderful Life”

This should be interesting…..I was hoping they would go the older route. It could lead to some darker story lines which could be great.

So what do you think?