Tom Hiddleston to play the Crow?

Tom Hiddleston to play the Crow?

Sigh, everytime we here more news on Relativity Media’s reboot of fan favourite “The Crow” the news changes five minutes later.

Let’s hope this time the news is solid. So far every man and dog seems to have been up for the role of Eric Draven aka The Crow. We have had Bradley Cooper, Mark Wahlberg, James McAvoy, hell even MiniGeek said he was up for the role (although thinking about it, he may have been kidding lol).

Now it seems we have a new contender

Tom Hiddleston or Loki as Avengers fans now refer to him is said to be in discussions for the role.

A lot of commentators are not so sure about Tom playing such an iconic gothic character, but to be honest, i think he would be awesome!

Tom is a fantastic actor and throw some makeup on him, i think he has the right look.

Well watch this space 🙂